EditingAndWritingServices.com Review

General Impression

EditingAndWritingServices.com is the website of a freelance writer (Judy Vorfeld) who provides various types of services, including editing and writing, social networking, proofreading, and site makeover/development/maintenance. Lots of work for a single writer, don’t you think?

Although the website is not particularly targeted towards students, I thought it would be the right match for my essay on the importance of education. It was a simple paper that required loads of research, so I decided to leave it in the hands of this experienced writer. Continue reading

EditorsForStudents.com Review

General Impression

When I decide to try a new editing service, I usually choose websites that target their services towards students. The reasons for that are simple: these services are usually cheaper, and the editors are (usually!) aware of the academic formatting standards.

EditorsForStudents.com is a website that offers proofreading services starting from $3 per page. That’s really cheap considering the average pricing in the industry. However, the lack of functionality at the website and missed deadlines undermine the reputation of this service. Continue reading

TheProofreaders.com Review

General Impression

TheProofreaders.com is a relatively expensive editing service with an unnecessarily complicated website. I had to browse through the site for hours before I made the final decision to place the order. The company guarantees not to miss the deadline; and after my previous experience with a late order, I needed such promise.

The website also provides free proofreading tips, but the guides are not practical at all. Anyway, let me tell you why I wasn’t particularly happy with the service provided by TheProofreaders.com. Continue reading

Kibin.com Review

General Impression

Kibin.com is an essay editing service that has attracted a lot of attention since it was launched. The reason for that? Smart website design, plenty of promises and great marketing. The hype got me interested and I expected great things from this service.

I must admit, the website got me hooked and I expected to start collaborating with a talented editor with relevant knowledge in the niche (the paper explored the art in the 17th century). The results were not impressive.
Continue reading

CollegeEssayEditor.com Review

General Impression

I’m always glad to find a service that offers editing and proofreading services provided by real editors, so I was excited to stumble upon CollegeEssayEditor.com – a website that is supposedly functioning with an Ivy League Writing Team. Since the service promises to assign the projects to editors with relevant education, I thought it was the right choice for my marketing case study.

However, my overall impression after using the website is not positive. The prices are way too expensive for the service I received and I seriously doubt that the editor who worked on my paper was aware of all nuances of the English language.
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Proof-Editing.com Review

General Impression

After several disappointing adventures with proofreading and editing services, I didn’t think it was possible to find the perfect academic editing service. However, the website of Proof-Editing.com immediately captured my attention. It’s clean, simple and informative – just like an editing service is supposed to look like.

The company offers affordable (but not ridiculously cheap) prices for its services, so I decided to give it a try and didn’t regret my decision. Continue reading

PaperCheck.com Review

General Impression

My first impression of PaperCheck.com wasn’t that great. As soon as I entered the website I thought: “why would they make it this narrow?” Then I started investigating the content on the pages – it’s full of improper sentence structures and I didn’t understand half of the things I read.

Anyway, the prices seemed okay and I was on a mission to check out a new editing service, so I decided to submit my history paper and see what happens. The results were far from brilliant. Continue reading

GradeSaver.com Review

General Impression

GradeSaver.com is a service that offers study guides, lesson plans, pre-written literature essays, college application essays, and writing help. Since this is not a service that hires actual writers, it was suspicious right from the start. Nevertheless, the prices for essay editing are quite affordable, so I decided to check it out and see whether or not it was worthy of a recommendation. Continue reading

EssayEdge.com Review

General Impression

When I first took a look at EssayEdge.com, I thought it was the perfect editing service for me. The website looks cool and informative, and there are different categories of editing services for academic documents. Then I saw the prices… and my positive impression faded away. Who pays hundreds of dollars to get a single paper edited?
Nevertheless, it was a team project and my classmate insisted to get the content edited by “real professionals”. Let me tell you how that went. Continue reading