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General Impression

I’m always glad to find a service that offers editing and proofreading services provided by real editors, so I was excited to stumble upon – a website that is supposedly functioning with an Ivy League Writing Team. Since the service promises to assign the projects to editors with relevant education, I thought it was the right choice for my marketing case study.

However, my overall impression after using the website is not positive. The prices are way too expensive for the service I received and I seriously doubt that the editor who worked on my paper was aware of all nuances of the English language.


In the Services page, you can see that the company provides essay editing and writing services, resumes and cover letters, and custom orders. When you click on Compare our Services, you can see that the founders of this website own three other editing services. Unfortunately, I missed seeing this part before placing the order; otherwise I would have skipped because I’ve already had an unfortunate experience with another website on the list.

Now, about the actual services provided by this company: editing and writing means that the editor will first proofread the paper and then rewrite the areas that need more work.


There are three packages offered for the essay editing and writing service:

Silver Package – the most basic package that includes proofreading and improvement of mechanical errors. This service costs from $24.99 to $84.99 (depending on the word count) for the standard 4-day turnaround option; and from $44.99 to $104.99 for the rush turnaround of 2 days. You can also choose a shorter deadline: 24 hours, 18 hours, 12 hours or 6 hours; with progressively increasing prices.

Gold Package – includes basic proofreading accompanied with reorganizing and rewriting passages that need revision, as well as a brief critique. This service costs from $44.99 to $279.99, depending on the deadline.

Platinum Package – this package enables comprehensive collaboration between the customer and the editor. The changes are discussed via email, and suggestions are provided for direction and focus. The service costs from $104.99 to $314.99. You can get an actual paper written for a cheaper price at other website. Charging $144.99 for editing an essay of maximum 250 words is outrageous!

I got the Gold Essay Package with standard turnaround and paid $74.99 for my case study of 1300 words.

Ordering Process

The ordering process is simple enough. The first thing I did was select the package; and then I provided the payment. This part required payment and contact information. The customer has few payment options: debit or credit card, PayPal credit, prepaid gift card, or PayPal.

Then I was taken back to to submit the paper.

Contact with the Writer

This package did not include direct contact with the writer. In order to receive such service, you would have to go for the Platinum package and pay an unreasonable price for simple editing services.

Finished Work

My case study was literally butchered! It didn’t look anything like my work, and the company refused to provide a refund. The editor made unnecessary changes and deleted crucial parts of my case study with the explanation that they weren’t needed in the discussion. I am certain that the editor didn’t have any previous knowledge in marketing and didn’t understand my case study at all.

There can be only one conclusion: I’ll never go back at for more services.

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