EditingAndWritingServices.com Review

EditingAndWritingServices.com Review

General Impression

EditingAndWritingServices.com is the website of a freelance writer (Judy Vorfeld) who provides various types of services, including editing and writing, social networking, proofreading, and site makeover/development/maintenance. Lots of work for a single writer, don’t you think?

Although the website is not particularly targeted towards students, I thought it would be the right match for my essay on the importance of education. It was a simple paper that required loads of research, so I decided to leave it in the hands of this experienced writer.


The list of services is not that versatile. First of all, you can order writing services (email newsletters, press releases, web test, catalog copy, and more), but the writer also provides editing services for eBooks, articles, website text, business documents, newsletters, ezines, autoresponder text, and other types of content.
The list of services also includes proofing, website maintenance, and social networking training/support.


There is no way to find out how much a service would cost before contacting the writer. You can even hit a buy now button that takes you to a simplistic order form where you can enter the description for your order, enter your own price and pay with PayPal or a card. This is really misleading, since you cannot order services before you contact the writer and come to an agreement about the type of service and its price.

The pricing section of the website does not even mention actual prices. Anyway, I contacted Judy and she answered the message saying that the type of essay I wanted would cost $100. That was a higher price than I expected, but I decided to go with the flow and submitted the order.

Ordering Process

Really complicated. You have to contact the writer and expect for an answer. You cannot know for sure whether or not Judy will accept your order, so you waste precious time waiting for an answer and negotiating the price.
Unfortunately, my paper was one day late because of the delay.

Contact with the Writer

Once the writer accepts your order, she is very efficient in communicating with the client and providing updates. Since this is a one-person operation, you cannot expect immediate attendance and there is no support system you could contact at any time.

Finished Work

The paper I received was decent, but didn’t work for me. This project was supposed to represent my own opinions about the changes in contemporary education and the new trends that take place, but Judy didn’t follow my precise instructions and wrote an essay that expressed her own opinion.

There are many issues and disadvantages of this website, and the ordering process is too complex and time-consuming. My paper was late and I didn’t have enough time to fix it. The writer doesn’t offer free revisions.

In conclusion, I will remain faithful to custom-writing services that are specifically designed for students and can assign expert writers to my orders. Hiring freelance writers is a great risk that doesn’t pay off.

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