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General Impression

When I first took a look at, I thought it was the perfect editing service for me. The website looks cool and informative, and there are different categories of editing services for academic documents. Then I saw the prices… and my positive impression faded away. Who pays hundreds of dollars to get a single paper edited?
Nevertheless, it was a team project and my classmate insisted to get the content edited by “real professionals”. Let me tell you how that went.


The main menu at separates the services in seven different categories: MBA, Graduate, College, Medical, Law, Interview Prep, and Academic Essays. Each of these groups covers different types of services.
For example, the category Academic Essays includes proofreading and editing services for the following subcategories: computer science, education, engineering, humanities, government and political science, finance, journalism, science, math, social work, and more.

This is a specialized editing service, so you cannot order an actual paper at the website.


Editing services are usually much more affordable when compared to custom-writing services, so I expected to find reasonable prices of about $10 – $15 per page. Imagine my surprise when I saw that we would have to pay $179.00 to get our research paper of 1000 words edited. As I said, it was a team project so the group decided to share the investment for everyone’s benefit. The standard turnaround time is 48 hours.

The prices at are separated in three levels: Proofreading, Standard, and Premier. The Proofreading service is self-explanatory: it will make the paper free of typos and grammar errors. The Standard service includes proofreading plus constructive critique around the structure and improvement of the tone and content. The Premier package includes the Standard service accompanied with two phone sessions with the editor, one brainstorm session, two critiques and 14 days of email support.

The prices for Proofreading range from $59.00 (for a paper of 0-300 words) to $139.00 (for papers of 2001-2400 words). The Standard package costs from $119.00 to $239.00; and the Premier package is priced from $359.00 (for a paper of 0-300 words!) to $529.00.

Discounts are not available.

Ordering Process

As a new customer, I had to register at the website before ordering the editing service. That wasn’t a problem; you only need to provide the name, email and a password to register (no payment info is required at this point). After that, I completed a simple order form, uploaded the research paper and paid for the order. We decided to go for the Standard package and paid $179.00 for our research paper of 1000 words. The 24-rush service costs additional $59, but we decided to get our content returned within the standard turnaround time of 48 hours.

We got the edited research paper on time.

Contact with the Writer

This package does not include direct contact with the editor. We did not get any phone sessions or email support and there was no way for us to know what was going on.

Finished Work

There was some constructive criticism regarding sentence structure, but we all agreed that the research paper did not turn out to be better than the initial version we had. The editor did minimal work – polished out few spelling mistakes and rearranged a couple of sentences. Not the type of work that’s worth hundreds of dollars!

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