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General Impression is a service that offers study guides, lesson plans, pre-written literature essays, college application essays, and writing help. Since this is not a service that hires actual writers, it was suspicious right from the start. Nevertheless, the prices for essay editing are quite affordable, so I decided to check it out and see whether or not it was worthy of a recommendation.


The only category of services that’s worth mentioning is the editing assistance. also offers “writing help”, but you won’t find anything useful in that section of the website. The pre-written essays available for downloading (with payment) are plagiarized and have already been submitted by many students before.

The essay editing services are provided in five categories: school paper and essay editing, thesis editing, college application essay editing, cover letter editing, and scholarship essay editing. The editing service is supposed to provide an overall technical, stylistic, and grammatical revision of the content.


The prices for editing services at are categorized in four groups:

  • Standard Harvard Editing (starts with prices of $15 for a deadline of 3 days and $25 for 24 hours);
  • Deluxe Harvard Editing (the prices start are set from $25 and up for 3-day deadline and $35 and up for 24-hour deadline);
  • Grading (from $25 for 3-day deadline and $40 and up for 24-hour urgency), and
  • Proofreading (prices from $8 and up for 3 days and $12 and up for 24 hours).

I decided to go for the Standard Harvard Editing service, which includes corrections of the grammar, spelling and organization aspects of the paper.

Ordering Process

I never appreciate websites that make me register before I can access the order form. Although this step makes the ordering process of this service more complicated, the ordering procedure didn’t take much time. I only uploaded the paper, covered the payment and waited for 3 days before the edited version was completed.

Contact with the Writer

Although the company claims that the editors work hand in hand with the customers, there was no way to contact the editor of my paper. The editing was supposed to preserve my style and voice, but the editor made outrageous changes and completely transformed the personality of my paper. I tried to contact the service and ask for improvements, but didn’t get any response.

According to my own experience, the editors at are not interested in the student’s requirements and don’t know where to stop with the alternations.

Finished Work

Since I ordered the Standard Harvard Editing service, I expected a full revision and improvement in the grammar, spelling and organization of my paper. The “improved” content I got didn’t sound like it was written by me. The editor decided to remove the humor and personality of my style, so the paper ended up looking too stiff and lifeless.

The improvement in organization meant switching the order of two paragraphs, which made the content seem disconnected.

Since I didn’t get any response after the complaints, I decided to submit my original version with slight changes I made myself. That was not a smart way to use nearly $100. Don’t let the usage of the word Harvard all over the website trick you; these editors have nothing to do with prestigious education.

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