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General Impression

My first impression of wasn’t that great. As soon as I entered the website I thought: “why would they make it this narrow?” Then I started investigating the content on the pages – it’s full of improper sentence structures and I didn’t understand half of the things I read.

Anyway, the prices seemed okay and I was on a mission to check out a new editing service, so I decided to submit my history paper and see what happens. The results were far from brilliant.


Since the website is messy and unclear, you cannot find an exact list of services. In the Pricing section of the main menu, you get a drop-down list that includes the following types of services: academic editing, business editing, document storage, cover letter editing, elite level editing, non-standard writing style, non-standard file format, reference editing, PowerPoint editing, and second look editing.

The price chart featured on all pages is unclear. It is impossible to understand what the prices stand for, since there are different services mentioned at the website.


When you choose Academic Editing from the pricing menu, you get the same list featured at most pages. There are six categories based on the deadline that influences the prices:

Standard (with a quote of $6.95 per page and 72-hour turnaround time);
Two Day (costs $7.95 per page);
Next Day (24-day turnaround time; costs $8.95 per page);
Express (10-hour deadline; costs $9.95 per page);
Quick Return (costs $12.95 per page; the order is ready within 6 hours), and
Rapid Return (with a price of $14.95 per page and turnaround time of 3 hours).

Seriously, couldn’t they think of better names for these categories? Nevertheless, I decided to get the paper edited with the Next Day delivery, so the service ended up costing me $8.95 per page. That’s a reasonable price that improved my impression of

In the order form, you can choose between Standard and Elite paper editing (the second type costs above $29.95 per page).

Ordering Process

The ordering process is too complex for my taste. First, you have to provide the usual information about the number of pages, type of service you require, contact information, formatting style (improperly labeled as Writing Style), document description, format, and deadline. Then you have to register before proceeding with the payment procedure. This step is completely unnecessary, since the company can easily get the needed contact information in the first step.

Another drawback is that the ordering process is not explained at, so I could only assume that everything would go smoothly.

Contact with the Writer

Nonexistent. I tried contacting the support via the provided US toll-free number, but didn’t get answers to my questions. The company does not guarantee direct contact with the editor and 24/7 customer support, so you shouldn’t expect such “luxury”.

Finished Work

Honestly, I was relieved when I got the paper back on time. My expectations of this website were not that great, and the results proved me right. The academic editing service was supposed to improve the punctuation, spelling, verb tense and sentence structure of my paper. What I got was a simple proofreading service that didn’t result with any meaningful changes in the paper. I requested the editor to follow the rules of Turabian style, but the requirement was not respected.

I tried contacting the support to make a complaint, but my efforts were useless.

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