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General Impression is a relatively expensive editing service with an unnecessarily complicated website. I had to browse through the site for hours before I made the final decision to place the order. The company guarantees not to miss the deadline; and after my previous experience with a late order, I needed such promise.

The website also provides free proofreading tips, but the guides are not practical at all. Anyway, let me tell you why I wasn’t particularly happy with the service provided by


These are the types of services offered by this company: editing and proofreading services; testing, proofreading and editing of website content; editing and proofing of online advertisements; assisting with grammatical questions, usage, and all components of good writing; rewriting and editing business and professional printed matter;
proofreading resumes for online submission; and editing online and offline legal and business documents.

The editing and proofreading service covers the following aspects: grammatical mistakes, typographical errors, comma usage and splices, spelling, sentence fragments and lengths, audience appropriateness, structure and theme, tenses, organization, and more.


The first thing you should know about is that all orders have a $55 minimum. That’s rather pretentious, don’t you think? The rates are separated in few categories:

  • Proofreading by the word (costs $0.08 per word and above, depending on the document’s condition, size and timeframe);
  • Editing by the word (with a starting quote of $0.13 per word);
  • By the page (it’s not clear what type of service this is, but it costs $13.00 per page);
  • By the hour (a service suitable for projects that are hard to quote, such as legal, technical and medical documents; it costs $95.00 per hour), and
  • By the project (you have to contact the editors to get clear price estimation).

Ordering Process

This is the type of company that requires you to contact the proofreaders by email or phone to get a quote and continue with the ordering process. Since the team of editors is small, they are not usually available to attend the customers. I had to wait for an entire day to get an answer to my email message.

Once we got to an agreement (I paid an overall price of $150 for my project), I paid with a credit card and waited for the content to be prepared.

Contact with the Writer

The editors of are available for contact, but they are very slow in answering the messages. I didn’t get answers to all my questions; the only time I got an actual feedback was two hours before the deadline – the editor contacted me to tell me that the content would be an hour late.

Finished Work

The text I got was diluted. I asked for an insignificant increase in the word count, but the additions were not meaningful at all. My personal style was totally altered and the paper lost its essence. For the high price I paid, I expected a much better service. Unfortunately, is not the perfect editing service I was looking for.

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