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General Impression is a service that provides custom-writing assistance for academic and business documents. My first impression of the website was good. The colors are fresh, the pages appear to be informative, and the order process seems easy.

Although the prices are higher than the quotes I’m used to, I decided to order a paper for my marketing course. The content I received had plagiarized parts that took a lot of time to get rid of. The biggest drawback is the company’s deadline policy.


The most commonly provided services at are economic research papers, career research papers, business term papers, action term papers, accounting term papers, academic term papers, English term papers, and sociology papers.

However, this list gets more extensive in the order form, where you can also choose a personal statement, research proposal, history paper, and other types of academic content.


Given the fact that the deadlines are not precisely set and the orders are usually late, the prices at this website are not affordable at all. For example, the longest deadline is 15+ days and the shortest one is set to 8-23 hours. Since I needed the paper within 5 days, I couldn’t choose the option 5-6 days, so I had to place an expensive order with the following choice on the list – 1 day! I should’ve taken this as a bad sign and give up on, but made a mistake and proceeded with the order.

Here is the price range in 7 different levels:

  • High School – $17.55 – $31.50 per page;
  • College Freshman – $20.3 – $34.25 per page;
  • College Sophomore – $22.15 – $36.10 per page;
  • College Junior – $24.05 – $38.00 per page;
  • College Senior – $26.00 – $39.95 per page;
  • Master’s – $28.90 – $42.85 per page, and
  • PhD – $31.9 – $45.85 per page.

Ordering Process

You won’t find a clear explanation of the ordering procedure at, so you’ll appreciate the information in this part of my review. I had to create an account before I could continue with the order. This is a huge drawback, since the website doesn’t even provide a clear list of services, so I wasn’t sure whether or not the exact type of paper was being offered.

Anyway, the process of creating an account takes only few minutes so I covered it and proceeded to the order form. The form is detailed, but doesn’t take much time to complete. There is a great choice of services featured in it, so the company should include this information at its website.

Then I paid for the paper and the process of completion started.

Contact with the Writer doesn’t promise direct contact with the writer, so you won’t get such feature. The representatives of the customer support are always online and I got instant answers to my questions. However, this type of communication is not as effective as direct collaboration with the writer.

Finished Work

I ordered a paper with a deadline of 1 day. Although the submission date was in 5 days, I didn’t appreciate the fact that the order was 12 hours late because I paid a high price for this deadline. I checked the content through a plagiarism engine and immediately got the sources that were used without proper references. I asked the writer to fix those parts and received the content back in 2 days. Could you imagine how frustrated I would be if the paper was urgent?

Plagiarism left aside, the quality of the content was not high. In conclusion, I won’t be using this service ever again!

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